February 19, 2013

La Coiffe Salon and Spa Features Shellac and Gel Manicures and Pedicures

Gone are the days of waiting to put your boots on after a pedicure, or having your favorite manicurist fish your keys out of your bag.

La Coiffe features the newest products for manicures and pedicures, and if you haven’t scheduled your appointment you are missing out! Shellac, the first in the industry to develop a long-term, never fail polish, comes in a variety of colors. OPI and Gelish brands of gel polish are also available at La Coiffe’s upper level, designed specifically to cater to nail and spa services. Gel and Shellac products apply like a polish, last like a gel and can be removed at the salon in mere minutes. The key is the UV lamp, and La Coiffe has acquired the newest, coveted technology with a drying lamp that sets your manicure or pedicure in two minutes!

As one of the most requested new spa services that La Coiffe has to offer, gel and shellac manicures are the perfect solution for busy schedules- the appointment can be brief and the results are proven.  Many of our clients that would regularly skip the polish portion of their manicure, because it simply couldn’t withstand their daily tasks, or they weren’t able to visit right before a special event, are finding amazing results with shellac and gel polishes.

The application process consists of a typical manicure or pedicure prep, and then a base coat, followed by applying the color of choice, and a top coat.  The UV lamp sets the polish in minutes- instantly preventing any smudging, chipping or scratching.  Your nails will keep the day-one look for up to two weeks, only then needing a refresh due to natural nail growth.  The patented technology is designed to protect your nails as well, and removal is completely safe and does not damage your nails or surrounding areas.  The accelerated setting process means you can literally go from the chair into everyday activities without worrying about protecting your nails from damage. Shellac and Gel services are perfect for us in North East Ohio, slip right back into your boots after that pedicure!  Say goodbye to the days of waiting and worrying!

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